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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Creative, compassionate and courageous by nature, Rain Murray is passionate about the multi-faceted and holistic services he offers. Rain understands that integrating multiple perspectives is a key strategy to manage one's health and promote an overall sense of wellbeing.

Rain Murray is an alternative healer, multi-faceted facilitator and integration coach. He first qualified as a massage practitioner in 2004, focussing on foundational body work techniques. Over the course of the next two decades practice, integrating various healing modalities and approaches to a holistic sense of wellbeing, Rain has formulated a signature style of intuitive body-mind-soul work.

Rain has aditionally trained in Behavioural Therapy, working closely with children on the autism spectrum at the ASAP Centre of Children on the Spectrum in Somerset West, Western Cape. Furthermore, through the COVID pandemic, he developed additional skills, successfully qualifying as a grief recovery specialist in 2021 with The Grief Recovery Method, which has its foundations rooted within action-based timeline coaching. Within the same year, Rain also achieved qualification as a certified meditation teacher through TMO, The Meditation Organisation.

Towards the end of 2022, Rain felt called to further his personal development and deepen his practice and so embarked on a journey to train and qualify as an International Multiple Brain Integration Coach, an accreditation obtained through the Neuro-Coach Institute of South Africa.


  • Meditation Teacher - The Meditation Orginization

  • Certified mBit Coach - The Neuro Coach Institute of SA

  • Grief Recovery Specialist - The Grief Recovery Method

  • Massage Practitioner - Total Concept, South Africa

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